5 Things to Look For in Recruiting Software

5 Things to Look For in Recruiting Software

Recruiting software should do more for you than track applicants as they go through screening and interviews. A robust and comprehensive recruiting software system also positions you to be more strategic about sourcing, more efficient about finding talent, and more productive in your daily work.

How do you know if your recruiting software is up to the challenge? These five requirements will help you identify a comprehensive platform:

It should be built for recruiters

Plenty of vendors offer bundled Human Resources suites, but these are often complex beasts built for generic HR personnel, incorporating a number of applications beyond those required by recruiting professionals. Robust hiring software, however, is built just for recruiters and focuses only on ensuring that recruiters are equipped to fulfill their jobs successfully-without distractions or unnecessary complexity.

It should encompass everything you do

Recruiters’ jobs center on acquiring talent. That means they must tackle everything from sourcing candidates to hiring employees. A comprehensive recruiting software platform should simplify this job by integrating tools for applicant tracking, employee referral programs, sourcing both active and passive candidates, and engagement campaigns that help build long-term loyalty.

It should prioritize innovation

In recent years, jobs, jobseekers, and technology have all changed dramatically, which in turn has impacted how recruiters find and engage with talent. HR software should provide innovative features that help recruiters remain current and competitive-including branded career sites, social media integration, and video screening.

It should be easy to use and implement

If no one can (or will) use your software, what’s the point in having it? A useful platform should be intuitive in its interface, so you can navigate through your daily work and communications without being forced to launch additional applications. It should also be easy to implement and accessible from anywhere your team works. A cloud-based SaaS approach not only simplifies deployment, but it also makes the process of updating new features much more feasible.

It should offer in-depth analytics and reporting

You’ll want to know how your efforts are progressing across different sourcing tactics before you invest additional time, money, or effort. Powerful recruiting software should give incorporate a way to track which of your recruiting strategies are working best, so you can make corrections and continuously optimize your talent search.

Recruiting software should never be confused with a bundled HR management suite. Recruiters have far more specific requirements and need much more functionality in order to tackle the everyday challenges of finding, engaging with, and hiring qualified talent. Your organization should seek the support of a comprehensive recruiting software platform that’s built intentionally and innovatively for this purpose.