Smart Home Devices for Pet Owners

Smart Home Devices for Pet Owners

Smart home devices, from a fully realized Internet of Things down to simple rechargeable USB C smart batteries from the likes of technology company Pale Blue Earth, all seem to tend towards making the home more automated. Aside from the imperative, which many of us feel, to do something about the environment, these technologies are useful for one simple reason – most people spend large amounts of time away from home. 

Moreover, there’s one group of people who stand to benefit significantly from this technology – pet owners. One of the biggest anxieties for those who own pets is what the animals are getting up to when they are not at home. And leaving pets alone in the home is unfortunately necessary for many people. You might diligently walk your dog every single day, but it’s still running around the home and getting up to who knows what when you’re away at work or enjoying a few drinks with friends in the evening. 

So, it makes sense then that smart home technology has a particular appeal for pet owners. But what form does that take? 

The Smart Home Revolution 

Well, the truth is that it can take many forms. There are in fact many new technologies designed specifically for pet owners (which we’ll get onto in a moment). They all seem to revolve around automation and the creation of a smart home. 

A smart home refers to a home that features several smart and automated devices all linked together by a smart hub utilizing a technology known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Imagine an app on your phone or tablet that reports daily energy consumption or tells you when the fridge is getting empty. Or imagine a heating system that can automatically turn off and on in response to ambient temperature, and you begin to get the right idea. 

Not all these technologies are particularly novel though. The smart home is all about making the home smarter – not necessarily creating an entirely new home. Consider the USB C-type rechargeable smart batteries produced by the aforementioned Pale Blue Earth. These are essentially updates of the traditional AA and AA household batteries that have been in use for decades, but they last longer, charge quicker, and relate all of this intelligently to the user. 

A Smart Home for Pets

So, to get back to pets, it’s easy to see the functionality of such technology for those obliged to keep pets alone in the home for extended periods of time. Here follows some of the most useful individual technologies for pet owners. 


You cannot have a smart home without sensors. Sensors are what collects the data that can then be analyzed by AI to produce a response. A self-regulating thermostat, for example, needs to be able to sense the ambient temperature. There are also video feeds that sense light and energy systems that sense energy consumption. With such technology, you can ensure your pet doesn’t get too hot or cold, and even watch them running around remotely. 

Smart Collars 

Smart collars have been a massive boon for pet owners. Using a smart collar with built-in GPS means you can know where your pet is at any time. This is great for cats who like to prowl the neighborhood, as well as dogs who sometimes run off. 

Smart Thermostats 

Touched on above, smart thermostats are all about keeping your pet at the right temperature when you’re away. This can be realized automatically, or it can be controlled from your smartphone directly. 

It is very easy to see how smart technology can help pet owners. Above everything else, it offers peace of mind.

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